21 Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate Uses: Facts You Should Know!

Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate also known as Sodium bisulfate (NaHSO4) having its wide range of applications in many industries. Let us dive into the facts about the uses of NaHSO4.

NaHSO4 uses in different industries:

  • Food and feed industry
  • Textilní průmysl
  • Kovoprůmysl
  • Krmný průmysl
  • Cleaning Purpose
  • Zemědělský průmysl
  • Paper and Pulp industry
  • Komerční účel
  • Výzkum a vývoj
  • Elektrotechnický průmysl

In this article, we will look into the applications of NaHSO4 v různých oborech.

Potravinářský průmysl

  • Jako potravinářské přídatné látky, NaHSO4 is used in the bakery to make them rise.
  • In beverages, sauces, and fillings, food products including dressing NaHSO4 has their applications.
  • Without creating any sour taste NaHSO4 reduces the pH of the food. Hence NaHSO4 is a replica of malic acids, citric acids, or phosphoric acids which are commercially available.
  • Acts as a flavoring and nutrient agent in food industries.
  • In Doplňky stravy, NaHSO4 is found to be in use.
  • In Anti-browning products, NaHSO4 is used which is applied to freshly cut fruits.

Textilní průmysl

NaHSO4 in textile industries applies to samet cloths which are made up of a silk backing and a pile of cotton, hemp, or rayon fibers to generate “burnout velvet”. When this type of fabric is heated it causes the cellulose-based fibers to become frangible and break away leaving burned areas in the ending material.


  • In metal industries, NaHSO4 is used for finishing purposes.
  • Projekt moření of metals like silver is accomplished by NaHSO4.

Krmný průmysl

Být AAFCO approved; NaHSO4 is used as a feed additive in poultry feed associated with animal food.

Cleaning Purpose

  • By lowering the pH vody NaHSO4 is used as a chlorinating agent in hot tubs and swimming pools.
  • In Vanish and Sani-Flush toilet bowl cleaners NaHSO4 is a primary ingredient.
  • NaHSO4 funguje jako dezinfekční prostředek a baktericid.
  • For the manufacturing of jewelry, NaHSO4 is used for cleaning the oxidation layer during the manufacturing of jewellery after the heating purpose.

Zemědělský průmysl

NaHSO4 has applications in non-pesticidal agricultural chemicals.

Paper and Pulp industry

In the manufacturing of paper products, NaHSO4 se používá.

Komerční účel

Anti-fungal foot creams mít NaHSO4 composition in them.

Domestic purpose

To reduce the concentration of Salmonella NaHSO4 used in the chicken.

Výzkum a vývoj

  • As a preservative of soil NaHSO4 is used in analytical laboratory analysis.
  • As a catalyst NaHSO4 is used in laboratories in the research field.

Elektrotechnický průmysl

For the production of Nickel Hydroxide elektrod which are used in alkaline batteries, NaHSO4 se používá.


NaHSO4 is a bisulfate anion sodium salt. It is an acid salt formed by an H2SO4 neutralization reaction via the contact process and it can be stored easily. NaHSO4 is hygroscopic in anhydrous form and is acidic in solutions.

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