13 Facts About HNO3 + Na2SO3: How This Combination Works

HNO3 is a strong acid, and Na2SO3 is a neutral base. Let us discuss how this reaction copes ups.

HNO3 is a colorless inorganic compound. Its molar mass is 63.012 g/mol. It is available as an azeotrope with water with a concentration of 68%. Na2SO3 is a white water-soluble inorganic compound that acts as an antioxidant and preservative. Its molar mass is 126.043 g/mol.

In this article, we will look up some of the facts of this HNO3 + Na2SO3 reaction, like its products, intermolecular forces, and type of reaction.

Co je produktem HNO3 a Na2SO3

NaNO3, SO2, a H2O are formed during the reaction of HNO3 a Na2SO3.

2 HNO3 (tady) + Na2SO3 (aq) –> 2NaNO3 (tady) + SO2 (tady) + H2O(L)

Jaký typ reakce je HNO3 + Na2SO3

HNO3 + Na2SO3   je acidobazická reakce known as a neutralization reaction.

Jak vyvážit HNO3 + Na2SO3

HNO3 + Na2SO3 reaction gets balanced using the below steps.

2 HNO3 (tady) + Na2SO3 (aq) –> 2NaNO3 (tady) + SO2 (tady) + H2O(L)

  • Count the number of atoms on both sides of the reaction.
  • The following table gives us information regarding the number of atoms on both reactants and product sides.
  • Place the stoichiometric number before the unbalanced atoms to get the final balanced equation.
  • The reaction gets balanced by placing 2 as a coefficient of HNO3 a NaNO3 resp.
  • Proto je vyvážená chemická rovnice pro reakci HNO3 + Na2SO3 darováno;
  • 2 HNO3 (tady) + Na2SO3 (aq) -> 2NaNO3 (tady) + SO2 (tady) + H2O(L)

HNO3 + Na2SO3 titraci

HNO3 + Na2SO3 titration is possible since HNO3 is an acid and Na2SO3 is a base. So, this reaction undergoes acid-base titrations.


Conical flask, wash bottle, Burette stand, Burette, Pipette, Measuring bottle, Wash bottle, volumetric flasks.


Fenolftalein indicator is used in acid versus base titrations, and its endpoint is pink to colorless.


Fill the burette with standardized HNO3 and conical flask with Na2SO3   and starts titration by dropwise addition of Na2SO3   and add phenolphthalein indicator. The point at which the color disappears is the equivalent point note down the reading and find the volume of sodium nitrate using the formula V1S1=V2S2.

HNO3 + Na2SO3 čistá iontová rovnice

HNO3 + Na2SO3   reakční síť iontová rovnice je

  • 2H+ + SO3–> SO2 +H2O

We can derive the net ionic equation by using the following steps;

  • Write down the balanced chemical equation.
  • The balanced chemical equation for the HNO3 + Na2SO3 reaction is given below;
  • 2 HNO3 (tady) + Na2SO3 (aq) –> 2NaNO3 (tady) + SO2 (vod.) + H2O(L)
  • Split the strong electrolytes into ions.
  • 2H+ + 2 NE3 - + 2Na + + SO32- –>  2Na + + 2 NE3 - + SO2 +H2O
  • Canceling the spectator ions gives the net ionic equation. Therefore, the net ionic equation for the HNO3 + Na2SOreakce je následující;
  • 2H+ + SO3–> SO2 +H2O

HNO3 + Na2SO3 párový konjugát

  • Projekt konjugovaný pár společnosti HNO3 není3-... HNO3 donates a proton to form NO3- and acts as a conjugate acid.
Konjugované páry
  • Na2SO3 is a sodium salt of sulfite, a conjugate base of sulfurous acid.

HNO3 a Na2SO3 mezimolekulární síly

HNO3 mezimolekulární síly
Na2SO3 mezimolekulární síly

je HNO3 + Na2SO3  tlumivý roztok

HNO3 + Na2SOnení  pufrovací roztok. Od HNO3 je silná kyselina a Na2SO3 je neutrální sůl, během této reakce nevzniká žádný pufr.

je HNO3 + Na2SOkompletní reakce

HNO3 + Na2SO3 is a complete reaction so that the products formed during this reaction is not undergone any further reaction

je HNO3 + Na2SOexotermická nebo endotermická reakce

HNO3 + Na2SOje exotermická reakce making Gibb’s free energy <0 i.e., negative.

Enthalpy of an exothermic reaction

je HNO3 + Na2SO redoxní reakce

HNO3 + Na2SO3 není redoxní reakce. Since the transfer of electrons was observed during this reaction.

je HNO3 + Na2SOsrážecí reakce

 HNO3 + Na2SOnení srážecí reakce. Since there is no formation of a precipitate observed during this reaction.

je HNO3 + Na2SO3 vratná nebo nevratná reakce

HNO3 + Na2SOis not a reversible reaction. Since the backward reaction of products during this reaction are not possible under the same reaction conditions.

je HNO3 + Na2SO3   posunová reakce

HNO3 + Na2SOje posunová reakce since NO3- ion has been displaced from HNO3 do Na2SO3, forming NaNO3.

Displacement Reaction


The product formed during HNO3 + Na2SO3 reaction, NaNO3, has applications in food preservation as additives and color fixatives in poultry. It acts as a recovery of thermal storage like solar thermal power technology and parabolic troughs. It is also used to coat steel by forming a magnetite surface layer.

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