15 Facts on HI + NaOH: What, How To Balance & FAQs

HI and NaOH are both strong acid and base respectively. Let us learn about HI + NaOH in detail.

HI is a halogen acid. It is a pungent-smelling, colorless gas, highly soluble in water and denser than air. NaOH is a corrosive white crystalline solid that readily absorbs moisture from the air. NaOH commonly known as caustic soda is used in various industries like soap, paper, etc.

In this article, we will learn about HI and NaOH reaction in detail.

What is the product of HI and NaOH?

Jodid sodný (NaI) and water (H2O) are formed by the reaction of hydroiodic acid (HI) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH)

HI + NaOH –> H2O + NaI 

What type of reaction is HI + NaOH

Hydroiodic acid (HI) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is a neutralization reaction as an acid reacts with a base to form salt and water.

How to balance HI + NaOH?

The balanced chemical equation of the HI + NaOH reaction is

HI(tady) + NaOH (tady) –> NaI(sůl) + H2O(L)

One mole of HI reacts with one mole of NaOH to form one mole of NaI and one mole of water

HI + NaOH titration

The unknown concentration of NaOH can be calculated by titrating NaOH against HI by using phenolphthalein indicator. This titration is an example of acid–base titration.  

Vyžadováno zařízení

Pipette, Burette, Conical Flask, Funnel, Beakers, Burette stand etc.


  • The HI has to be standardized as the initial step with a primary standard (titrating against standard sodium carbonate).
  • This standardized HI is pipetted out into the conical flask and then 2-3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator is added.
  • NaOH is taken in the burette.
  • Titrate this HI against unknown NaOH; the appearance of light pink color is the endpoint.


The concentration of NaOH solution, N2 = N1V1/PROTI2

Where, N1 – Normality of HI

             V1 – Volume of HI pipetted out

            V2 – Volume of NaOH used

HI + NaOH net ionic equation

The net ionic equation of the HI+NaOH reaction is as follows:

H+(aq)+ OH- (aq) –>  H2O (vod.)

HI + NaOH conjugate pairs

v HI+NaOH reakce,

  • Konjugovaná báze HI je I-
  • The conjugate acid of NaOH is Na+

HI and NaOH intermolecular forces

The intermolecular forces between HI and NaOH are mentioned below

  • The Dipole – Dipole interactions are shown by HI molecules.
  • NaOH is formed by an iontová vazba with strong electrostatic force of attraction.

HI + NaOH reaction enthalpy

The reaction enthalpy of the HI + NaOH is -57.1 KJ/mol.

Is HI + NaOH a buffer solution?

HI and NaOH do not form a pufrovací roztok as they are strong acids and strong bases, respectively.

Is HI + NaOH a complete reaction?

HI + NaOH reaction is a complete reaction as it produces highly stable compounds

Is HI + NaOH an exothermic reaction?

HI + NaOH reaction is exothermic as the heat is evolved during the reaction.

Is HI + NaOH a redox reaction?

HI + NaOH is not a redox reaction as the oxidation state of substances does not change, that is, no oxidation and reduction take place.

Is HI + NaOH a precipitation reaction?

HI + NaOH is not a precipitation reaction as no solid precipitate is formed at the end of the reaction.

Is HI + NaOH irreversible reaction?

HI + NaOH reaction is irreversible, as it is impossible to change the direction of the reaction to reproduce the initial reactants.

Is HI + NaOH displacement reaction?

The reaction of HI + NaOH is an example of a double displacement reaction since the anions of one reactant are displaced by the cations of the other reactant.

Displacement reaction of HI + NaOH


The neutralization reaction between HI and NaOH is an exothermic reaction. This reaction is carried out by the double displacement of anions and cations to produce sodium salt and water.

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