15 Facts on HCl + Mg3P2: What, How To Balance & FAQs

Hydrochloric acid(HCl) is an inorganic, highly reactive and viscous liquid. Magnesium phosphate (Mg3P2) is a white powdered. Let us discuss some facts of reaction HCl + Mg3P2 .

HCl acid is a colorless liquid with another name called muriatic acid. It contains a pungent smell and is present in the digestive system of various living organisms. Mg3P2 je anorganická sloučenina made up of by the composition of magnesium and phosphorus, highly reactive with water and is toxic in nature.

In the following sections of the article, we are going to learn facts on the reaction enthalpy with the type of reaction ,conjugate pair, net ionic reaction, redox, etc.

Jaký je produkt HCl a Mg3P2

Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) and phosphine (PH3) are the products when HCl reacts with Mg3P2

6 HCl + Mg3P2 = 3MgCl2 + 2PH3

Jaký typ reakce je HCl + Mg3P2

HCl + Mg3P2 je oxidačně-redukce (redox) reaction.

Jak vyvážit HCl + Mg3P2

The balanced reaction of  HCl + Mg3P2 je-

 6 HCl + Mg3P2 = 3MgCl2 + 2PH3

Here,are a list of steps that should be followed to balance a reaction.

  • Write the reaction with A, B, C, and D.
  • A HCl + B Mg3P2 = C MgCl2 + D PH3
  • Upravte atomy vhodnými čísly.
  • H = A,D  Cl =A, C Mg = B, C  P = B, D
  • Vynásobte koeficienty vhodnými čísly.
  • A = 6, B = 1, C = 3, D = 2
  • Now, remove the value of the lowest integer.
  • So, the final equation is-
  •  6 HCl + Mg3P2 = 3MgCl2 + 2PH3

HCl + Mg3P2 titraci

HCl cannot be titrated with Mg3P2. Oxidation of HCl, reduction of Mg3P2 and neutralization of both the reactants is not possible due to which they form MgCl2 a PH3 as products. Hence, it is not possible to calculate the unknown concentration and endpoint of both reactants.

HCl + Mg3P2 čistá iontová rovnice

Net ionic equation of HCl +Mg3P2 je-

H+ +Cl- + Mg2+ + P3- = Mg2+ +Cl- + P3- + H+

Steps to write the net ionic equation are listed below.

  • Write the reactants and products with states.
  • HCl (l) + Mg3P2 (s) = MgCl2 (s) + PH3 (L)
  • Split the atoms with charges.
  • Thus, the net ionic equation will be –
  • H+ +Cl- + Mg2+ + P3- = Mg2+ +Cl- + P3- + H+

HCl + Mg3P2 párový konjugát

HCl + Mg3P2  má následující párový konjugát-

  • HCl conjugate acid has MgCl2 as a conjugate base after deprotonation.
  •  Mg3P2 conjugate base has PH3 as a conjugate acid after the protonation.

HCl + Mg3P2 mezimolekulární síly

HCl + Mg3P2 má následující mezimolekulární síly-

  • Hydrogen bonds and Dipole-dipole interaction are the intermolecular forces present between the atoms of HCl.
  • Strong electrostatic forces of attraction are the intermolecular forces present between the molecules of Mg3P2.

HCl + Mg3P2 reakční entalpie

HCl + Mg3P2 reaction enthalpy is 431 KJ/mole, where-

  • Enthalpy of formation for HCl = 431 KJ/mole
  • Enthalpy of formation for Mg3P2 = 0 KJ/mol
  • Reaction enthalpy = Enthalpy of formation for HCl – Enthalpy of formation for Mg3P2
  • = 431 KJ/mol

Je HCl + Mg3P2 tlumivý roztok

HCl + Mg3P2 není pufrovací roztok. It is because, the product of the solution is MgCl2, is a salt and PH3 with a high concentration of H+ ions, makes the solution more acidic and does not specify the condition of the buffer solution.

Je HCl + Mg3P2 kompletní reakce

HCl + Mg3P2 is a complete reaction because the products are MgCl2 a PH3 which are the complete complex of chemical species due to which both of them, cannot react further in the same reaction.

Je HCl + Mg3P2 exotermická nebo endotermická reakce

HCl + Mg3P2 je exotermická reakce. As Mg3P2 comes in contact with HCl due to the high reactivity bonds of Mg3P2. it gets dissociated and creates a large amount of heat which warms up the solution.

Je HCl + Mg3P2 redoxní reakce

HCl + Mg3P2 is a redox reaction as the oxidation states of both the reactants and products got changed during the reaction. Here, HCl gets oxidized and Mg3P2 is got reduced leading to a redox reaction.

Redoxní reakce

Je HCl + Mg3P2 srážecí reakce

HCl + Mg3P2 je srážecí reakce as the product magnesium chloride (MgCl2) is a salt that gets settled down after the completion of the reaction because of the strong electrostatic bonds between the atoms of MgCl2.

Je HCl + Mg3P2 vratná nebo nevratná reakce

HCl + Mg3P2 is an irreversible reaction. The product of the reaction is MgCl2, which gets precipitated in the solution indicating that the reaction is complete and cannot react again.

Je HCl + Mg3P2 posunová reakce

HCl + Mg3P2 is not a displacement reaction as there is no exchange of cations or anions throughout the reaction.


HCl is a highly reactive acid that is used for various chemical analysis and chemical synthesis and refining of oils with the purification of salts. Whereas, Mg3P2 is used in the making of pesticides and has a high melting point and boiling point due to the heavy molecular weights.

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