15 Facts on H2SO4 + BaO: How this combination works

Sulphuric acid is an Oxoacid having two hydroxyl groups. BaO is a white powder. Let us discuss what happens when they are reacted together.

BaO has a molecular weight of 153.33 g/mol. Its heavy atom count is 2. It has a density of 5.72 g/cm3. H2SO4 has a tall peak of 140 cm-1 in 170 NMR. It has a peak tall peak at 147.00 in the mass spectrum.

Let us discuss the product, type, and balancing of this reaction.

 Jaký je produkt H2SO4 and BaO ?

H2SO4 and BaO have the following products. Síran barnatý (BaSO4) a voda (H2Ó).

BaO + H2SO4→ BaSO4 + H2O

Jaký typ reakce je H2SO4 + BaO ?

Reakce mezi H2SO4 plus BaO is a neutralization reaction.

Jak vyvážit H2SO4 + BaO ?

The number of molecules in the reactants and product are equal in this reaction of H2SO4 +BaO2 hence need not be balanced.

BaO + H2SO4→ BaSO4 + H2O

H2SO4 + BaO titration ?

 V reakci mezi H2SO4 and BaO, titration doesn’t really occur because H2SO4 is a strong acid and thus cannot be used for titration.

H2SO4 + BaO net ionic equation ?

H2SO4 and BaO have the following Ionic equation

Ba 2+ + O.2- + 2H+ + SO42-   →  Ba2+ + SO4 2- + 2H+ + O.2-

  • We should go through the steps to get to the net ionic equation.
  • Create a balanced chemical equation and represent the physical states of the reactants and the products.
  • BaO (aq)  + H2SO4 (aq)  → BaSO4 (s) + H2O(l)
  • Soli, kyseliny a zásady se disociují na ionty, ale čisté látky a molekuly to nedokážou. Konečná rovnice po disociaci je 
  • Ba 2+ + O.2- + 2H+ + SO42-   →  Ba2+ + SO4 2- + 2H+ + O.2-

H2SO4 + BaO conjugate pairs ?

  • H2SO4 and BaO have the following conjugate pairs  
  • -Hso4 je konjugovaná báze H2SO4.
  • BaO has no conjugate pair.
Konjugovaná báze H2SO4

H2SO4 + BaO intermolecular forces ?

Reakce mezi H2SO4 and BaO has the following intermolecular forces.

H2SO4 + BaO reaction enthalpy ?

H2SO4 and BaO reaction, Their enthalpy has not been determined because Stoichiometry has yet to be determined.

H2SO4 + BaO a buffer solution ?

H2SO4 and BaO as a buffer are not possible as H2SO4 is used. A buffer solution cannot be formed by a strong acid.

je H2SO4 + BaO a complete reaction ?

H2SO4 + BaO is a complete reaction. Barium sulfate (BaSO4) a voda (H2O) jako jejich produkty.

BaO + H2SO4→ BaSO4 + H2O

je H2SO4 + BaO an exothermic or endothermic reaction ?

H2SO4 + BaO is an exotermní reaction because heat is liberated.

je H2SO4 + BaO a redox reaction ?

H2SO4 + BaO is not a redox reaction, as there is no change is observed in the oxidation number of Ba or Oxygen.

je H2SO4 + BaO a precipitation reaction ?

H2SO4 + BaO is a srážecí reakce. BaSO4 is obtained as a residue.

je H2SO4 + BaO a reversible or irreversible reaction ?

H2SO4 + BaO is an irreversible reaction because heat is liberated, and the residue is obtained.

je H2SO4 + BaO displacement reaction ?

H2SO4 + BaO is not a displacement reaction.


In this article, we have discussed the reaction between H2SO4 and BaO, its balancing type, and other properties. BaO is used in inkjet for printers and for toners in laser printers.

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